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baby shoes

Walking, where your little one declares his freedom and is very important for both physical and psychological development, should be supported by you. You need to start with reliable, seasonal, and comfortable baby shoes . Considering that you will be choosing your baby's shoes until your little one grows up and reaches a certain age, it would make sense to specialize a bit on the subject. So let's use the expertise and experience of muffin&co.

Things to consider when buying baby shoes

As with any poor quality product, baby booties products can irritate your baby's skin and make them sick or even poisoned from the harmful chemicals they contain. Therefore, every baby shoe model that you buy must be made of high quality and natural materials. Above all, the inner material of the shoes should be made of natural cotton. Synthetic products can cause bacterial and fungal growth or foot odor by making your baby's feet sweat. It is important that the product is breathable.

Products with flexible and orthopedic soles that support your baby's foot development and are suitable for the foot structure should be selected. Failure to do so may result in permanent problems such as introversion and gait disturbances in the future. When your baby wears the product, the shoe should not touch the thumb. After the shoes are worn, you can manually check whether there is the appropriate clearance. Tight or tight baby shoes slow down the baby's blood flow, leading to swelling in the feet, redness, deformities in the feet and fingers, calluses and leg pain. If your baby wears tight shoes, he gets tired easily and often gets restless and cries. That's why it's important to buy shoes that are the right size. Babies' feet that stand from dawn to dusk tend to swell a bit in the evenings, which can cause your little one's shoes to get stuck. To compensate for this difference, we advise you to buy baby shoes in the evening.

Looking for baby shoes for girls? Different baby shoe models at Muffin&co!

Girls who are always chic will surely have chic shoes. Golden yellow, silver grey, pink, white, cream, purple and nuances are the most desirable colors for baby girls . There are many different baby shoe models available. These models are specially designed for your baby with different uses such as Velcro, lace, zipper or elastic. Most of the products have glittering stones, glittering beads, pearls, colored stones, feathers, sequins, mirrored objects and colorful furs and accessories specially designed for little girls.

If you are looking for baby shoes for boys, you have come to the right place.

Mothers of little boys prefer shoes in simpler models compared to mothers of little girls. Baby boy shoes, leather short shoes and sandals are the most popular models. Whether sporty or classic, baby shoes for boys should have a flexible sole and an orthopedic inner surface. These shoe models are mostly in shades of black, navy blue, grey, blue and white; It is equipped with Velcro, lacing, zipper or elastic.

Baby shoes prices

Muffin&co, which puts baby first and mother first in everything and caters to mother-baby needs with the most reliable products, is also at your side when it comes to choosing your baby's shoes. Elite brands that produce high-quality baby shoes are waiting for you with dozens of different model options on the website. The prices for baby shoes at Muffin&co appeal to all budgets, taking into account not only quality and design, but also your budget.

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