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Babies are born with sucking reflexes. Then these reflexes gradually disappear. The first thing a baby who has just opened their eyes to the world will do is suckle to feed. This allows you to feed your newborn with breast milk as soon as possible. The baby who gets breast milk fills his tummy and feels safe. That's why he wants to suck all the time. The best way to react to the baby's sucking instinct is to use a pacifier after breastfeeding. But is every pacifier healthy for your baby? I am going to buy a silicone pacifier for my baby, which product should I buy? If you are looking for silicone pacifiers that do not harm your baby's health, you have come to the right place!

What are the benefits of using a pacifier?

Meeting the urge to suckle, which is an innate reflex, instills a sense of confidence in babies. When this instinct is satisfied, the baby feels peaceful and relaxed. As a result, he sleeps more comfortably and develops better because he can sleep. When they wake up from their light sleep, the pacifier they put in their mouth will give them a sense of confidence, making it easier for them to fall asleep again. This way, the baby nursing pacifier will find it easier to achieve sleep patterns. Finger sucking can be observed in babies who do not receive pacifiers in the future. It's healthier for her to suck on a pacifier rather than a finger. Likewise, once the baby gets used to thumb sucking, it may not be a long time from giving up the habit. Breaking the pacifier habit is relatively easy.

Using a pacifier can also help develop babies' various skills. For example, if your baby can't see the pacifier he took out of his mouth while sleeping, when he wakes up he will try to find it with his hand and bring the pacifier to his mouth. Meanwhile, he will also develop his fine motor skills. Otherwise, the baby, who tends to cry, can continue to sleep after taking the pacifier. Especially for babies who are unable to drink breast milk, pacifiers will be a great distraction during those hungry moments until the meal is ready.

What are the advantages of silicone pacifiers?

Pacifiers are made from two different raw materials, silicone and rubber. Rubber pacifiers, which are a natural material, become elastic. Because they're durable, they're great for babies who poop or come out, but they can spoil easily if they ingest water. The silicone pacifier is made of silicone. These unbreakable pacifiers may be preferred to babies who have not yet teethed as they are not very resistant to hard impacts. Otherwise they can be used for an average of up to 3 months without any signs of deterioration. Since they are heat resistant, they can be boiled and sterilized. They are tasteless and odorless. In addition, they do not trigger allergies in the sensitive bodies of babies.

What should I consider when buying a silicone pacifier for my baby?

Contradictory statements by experts about giving babies pacifiers also unsettle parents. However, the most important thing here is to choose the right pacifier for your baby. For this reason, it is very important that the silicone pacifier you choose is orthodontic, especially if your baby is over 1 year old. Orthodontic pacifier means that the pacifier should have a structure that is suitable for your baby's mouth structure, evenly distributes the pressure on the gums and teeth, keeps the tongue in the correct position and relieves the pressure on the palate.

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