Many expectant or new parents ask themselves what you need for your baby and how to dress your baby properly in summer . In this article, we explain what you should look out for when it comes to baby clothing and what you really need. You can find out everything you need to know in our article.

What dress size do you need?

It is difficult to predict what size your baby will be. The sizes for newborns are usually 50, 56 and 62 . These relate to the height of the baby. However, since you cannot yet measure your baby, it is advisable to take the medium size. If the baby clothes are too big, you can simply turn up the legs and sleeves. Since babies grow very quickly at first, it is advisable to buy one size larger anyway, so you can enjoy the clothes for a little longer.

Baby clothing sizes are based on height:

  • 50 = 45-50cm
  • 56 = 51-56cm
  • 62 = 56-62cm

Are newborn sets useful?

When looking for baby clothes , you often come across so-called newborn sets. You are often referred to as a " newborn" . You will usually find these sets with 5 and 6 pieces or as 10 pieces. This includes the most important items of clothing you need for your baby. Yes, newborn sets make sense, but don't overdo them. Complete the sets with other individual pieces such as bodysuits, rompers , stockings, jackets and hats.

How many bodies do I need?

When it comes to baby clothing, bodysuits are sometimes the most important piece of clothing and also the most needed. These often have to be changed several times a day. It is therefore advisable to have some bodysuits in reserve. As a rule, one counts on 2 to 3 bodies per day. But keep in mind that babies wake up very quickly when buying individual items, so make sure you buy one size larger.

Does the baby also need a hat in summer?

turban hat

Baby clothes should definitely include hats. Because your baby's head should also be protected in summer. The still very sensitive skin should be protected from the sun and the ears from the wind. Therefore, it is advisable to use a thin hat , preferably made of cotton, in summer . In the cold months, it is essential to ensure that there is sufficient heat.

Is my baby dressed warm enough?

When choosing baby clothes , young parents often ask themselves how they know whether the baby is warm enough. The orientation on the hands and feet is unsuitable. Because babies often have cold hands and feet, even though they are dressed warm enough. When it is pleasantly warm, hold your baby by the neck so that your baby is dressed warm enough. If it sweats then your baby is too warm. So you can relatively easily customize the baby clothes .

You should pay attention to this when it comes to baby clothes

Babies' skin is very sensitive and needs special protection. Therefore, when buying baby clothes , you should make sure that they are free from harmful substances. You can tell by the OEKO-TEX certificate that comes with the clothing. You should also wash your clothes at least once before you wear them for the first time. Clothes that have been washed several times are better, so clothes that have already been worn are also recommended.

The baby clothes should be made of breathable and soft fabrics . Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the quality instead of the appearance and the price. Better to buy fewer baby clothes than cheap and a lot. Babies grow very quickly and most of the clothes are left unworn. Therefore, only use materials that are well tolerated by your baby.