Choosing the right clothes for babies is often not easy for many parents. There are many questions that particularly concern new parents. Choosing the right outdoor clothing for babies is not always easy. This decision is difficult, especially on days with high temperature fluctuations. We have put together some recommendations and tips for you in this article.

Does my baby need a jacket in summer?


In summer it is advisable to always have a thin cardigan in your pocket. You should dress your baby in a thin jacket, especially on windy days. This is sufficient for protection against wind and drafts. A sweat jacket is recommended for cooler summer nights. This is pleasantly soft and keeps you warm and cozy. If you know that you will be outside longer, be prepared when choosing your clothes and put some clothes in your bag for the cool evening hours. This allows you to change clothes easily and quickly if necessary.

Hat or headband in summer?


Even in summer you should protect your baby's head and ears. When exposed to direct sunlight, be sure to wear a hat. This protects the sensitive scalp and ears. But if it's in the shade, a cute headband to protect its ears will do just fine. But in the first 6-12 weeks, the experts always recommend wearing a hat. A cotton hat that protects against the sun and wind is best. In autumn and winter, however, a hat is absolutely necessary. Especially in the cold season, you should protect your baby's head particularly well, since babies lose most of their heat through their heads.

dresses and shorts

Dresses and shorts look chic and are airy and fresh. Also good for your baby, especially on hot days, so it sweats less. But also think about the cool evenings and have thin tights ready. You can then put this on your baby underneath. This keeps it chic and warm. For the cool season, there are also chic knitted dresses among the outdoor clothing for babies, which you can combine with thick tights for your baby. Among them there are beautiful knitted baby shoes that keep your baby's feet pleasantly warm.

Rompers and overalls


Rompers are items of clothing that you can always dress your baby in. There are suitable rompers in different colors and designs for every occasion. There are also beautiful and suitable rompers for sleeping. Most have feet, so you don't need extra socks. So the baby is fully dressed with one piece of clothing. Overalls are designed to be worn over clothing. For outdoor activities, you should make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the temperatures. A jumpsuit is usually lined and also has a hat. You can add gloves and baby shoes to these overalls and protect your baby from the cold.


Wrap blankets protect your baby from the cold. Since these wrap around your baby completely, it also protects your baby when it moves and kicks a lot. Wrap -around blankets are also often used for prams. This keeps your baby wrapped up nice and warm during a walk in the fresh air. Wraps are also available in a thin version for spring and summer. In general, it is advisable to always protect the baby from wind and weather with a wrap-around blanket when you are outside.

Always take enough clothes with you

For all outdoor activities, you should have enough clothing for your baby. The weather in Germany can change and change quickly. Therefore, you should always have sufficient clothing in your bag that is appropriate for the season.