In Germany, the transition from summer to autumn usually happens quite quickly. One should not rely too much on the summer temperatures. The weather can change quickly and temperatures can drop sharply. This is exactly when you should have the right clothes ready for your baby. Autumn clothing should not be too thin or too thick, and it should also protect against wind and rain. On our site you will find a large selection of suitable clothes for autumn. Also note our sale area with cheap offers.

Knit jumpsuit

Knit jumpsuit

Knit overalls and knit rompers are particularly suitable for cooler temperatures. We have knitted jumpsuits and rompers in different styles. Fine knit in thin yarn, particularly suitable for indoors, but also some made of thick yarn, with lining and hood as outdoor clothing to pull over everyday clothing. Your baby is well protected in knitted overalls. They are breathable and offer good air circulation, but still keep you comfortably warm without your baby sweating. In our range you will also find knit overalls that are lined with soft plush and also have soft fur around the hood. Just have a look at our site.

knit jacket

knit jacket

We have thin cardigans for those balmy summer nights or when it's a bit cold inside. Our extensive range also includes strong wind and weatherproof cardigans for outdoor use. Cardigans not only keep you warm, they are also particularly chic. Knitwear can be combined with everything and looks simply chic and elegant with any clothing. For the cold days there are cardigans with lining and hood. So your baby is particularly well protected even at low temperatures or on windy days.

knit accessories

There are also accessories made of fine knitwear to go with the knitwear. We have hats, scarves, gloves and shoes made from fine, skin-friendly knitwear. All knitwear is made of soft yarn that is non-itchy and gentle on your baby's skin. So you can combine a chic cardigan with a chic knit hat and scarf in the matching color and pattern. There are many color and pattern combination options available. The only important thing is that your baby is comfortably warm.


Matching gloves or shoes for the jackets and overalls are also available on our site. Combine to your heart's desire and style your baby as you would like. With these knitted accessories, your baby is wrapped up warm and can enjoy the fresh air even in autumn.

Knit blanket


Our knitwear offers go beyond indoor and outdoor clothing. We also offer beautiful and, above all, warm blankets . These are particularly suitable for prams. With a swaddle blanket, your baby is always well covered, even when it moves around a lot. With chic buttons and a practical zipper, these can be quickly put on and taken off. Models with or without a hood, with fur around the hood or with fine lace and ruffles are available in our range of knitted blankets.

knit bedding


So if you like knitwear and want to do something really good for your baby, you can also choose knitwear when choosing bed linen. We have different models and colors in our range. Whether you choose the color based on gender or prefer something neutral is up to you. We also have knitted bed linen in different sets in our range, for example you can get the quilt in the same design as well. Just check out our great selection.

Cleaning and care instructions for knitwear

Wash the knitwear at a maximum of 30 degrees and do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry the knitted clothes, let the clothes hang dry. Also pay attention to the temperatures when ironing. So you and your baby can enjoy the knitwear for a long time.