There are different types of blankets or sleeping bags for babies. Different colors and sizes are usually available. The materials are more important than the different colors. There are some that are suitable for summer or winter or some that can be used all year round. But which one is right for my baby?

We can't say which one is right for your baby, but you can find out what you need to consider when buying a swaddle blanket or sleeping bag in this article.

Why should I even use a swaddle blanket?

Wrap-around blanket with hood and feet

Today, blankets are part of a baby's basic equipment. The swaddling blankets are of great advantage, especially for newborns. You can simply wrap and turn the baby in it, and your baby is wrapped up comfortably and warmly. Wrap-around blankets are also ideal for strollers. Protected from wind and weather, you can enjoy long walks in the fresh air with your baby without having to worry about catching a cold.

A wrap-around blanket is also a great advantage in a small baby bed. Since it is usually closed with buttons or a zipper at the front, your baby stays covered all night. Movement can cause babies to pull the blanket over their face or even kick away. Or when you turn, you bury your face in the pillow and can no longer lift it off on your own. Therefore, a swaddle blanket is a safe and warm way to protect your baby during sleep.

How do I find the right size

Blanket with bear ears

Remember that babies grow very quickly in the first few months and choose a larger size accordingly. In any case, the baby should have enough space to move in it, especially downwards there should be 10 to 20 cm of space.

Depending on the manufacturer, either the clothing sizes, the baby age or the length of the blankets are specified. For length, simply measure your baby from shoulders to feet. So you can determine the appropriate size. As I said, it is better to add a few centimeters more, because you will need them in a short time.

What properties should I look for in a blanket?

Usually all swaddles open from the front and have either a zipper or buttons. But some of these openings are also on the side, which is not always advantageous. For example, if you want to change your baby while they sleep, an opening in the middle is most comfortable. It should also be possible to open the blanket up to the feet. Because a zipper that is too short is usually impractical and makes it difficult for you to work when changing diapers.

There are also sleeping bags that can be adjusted in size with snaps on the shoulders. These are extremely practical and also make a lot of sense considering the growth of the baby. Make sure that the snaps are attached so that your baby cannot lie on them. This can lead to uncomfortable pressure points and injuries.

Which impact blanket at which temperature?

Wrap-around blanket with long sleeves and bunny ears

The temperature should be right so that your baby can sleep comfortably and healthily. But how do you know it's the right temperature? Now an important feature in babies to check the temperature is a grip on the neck. This should not sweat and the feet should not be cold. In this case, your baby has the necessary warmth for a healthy sleep.

In summer, sleeping bags with short sleeves can be used. In winter, on the other hand, you should use sleeping bags that are warmly lined . The decisive factor for the choice is always the room temperature in which your baby sleeps. So adapt the sleeping bag to this temperature when choosing a winter or summer sleeping bag.

Which materials to choose?

Velvet blanket with plush lining

Basically, we recommend natural materials for all baby textiles. Make sure that the materials are breathable and temperature-regulating. Many well-known manufacturers already rely on high-quality materials that do not contain any bleaching agents. Cotton and cotton products are best suited for this. That's why the muffin&co blankets are particularly suitable for babies. Rely on our quality and use the blankets from muffin&co for your baby. In addition, our wrap-around blankets are particularly easy to care for and clean.

our recommendation

You will need several swaddles and sleeping bags for your baby. But also note that good quality and high comfort are necessary for your baby to sleep soundly. With our products you have high quality, healthy materials and low prices all in one. All of our items are based on high-quality and sustainable production. Check out our other baby items too.